Quality Apartments

About Us

Locally owned and managed by Pat & Nancy McGuirk. We are a family owned business in our 44th year in the Mt. Pleasant Community, and are dedicated in providing “quality” housing for the students at Central Michigan University. We also own and operate Pat McGuirk Excavating in Mt. Pleasant.

 As CMU alumni (FIRE UP CHIPS!) and established business AND community members, we are a proven and established business in Mt. Pleasant.

  Managed and owned by Nancy McGuirk - CMU Alumni

Quality Apartments   -  Superior Housing

All 23 of our units are inspected and licensed annually with the City of Mt. Pleasant. Our record speaks for itself and we are proud to provide top notch housing for students furthering their education at CMU. Feel free to contact the Code Enforcement office for the City of Mt. Pleasant (989.779.5304) or the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department (989.779.5100) for a reference.

As owner and managers we will be the one:

  • Answering your questions as you look for reputable housing
  • Going over the lease with you while providing answers to all your questions
  • Signing the lease with you/handling any leasing situations that may arise
  • Taking your calls for maintenance needs
  • Escorting the Fire Department during fire inspections
  • Discussing your payment plan/collecting your rent
  • Checking you in, giving your key and handling all paperwork
  • Physically checking out the apartment after you leave
  • Determining damage (should there be any) and remitting the Security Deposit to you
  • Hand delivering your rebate check in December
  • Contacting you and dealing with you should any problems arise
  • Notifying you in writing about:
    • Giving you the first opportunity to rent for the upcoming year/summer
    • Fire inspections
    • Safety tips and helpful reminders for Christmas Break
    • What to do when it's time to move out
"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."